#58 - FILTR STYLE - Pentax MV1 + Pentax Zoom 40—80mm

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#58 - Quicksilver
Pentax MV1 + Pentax Zoom 40-80mm

Great for: A super easy to use camera, with a dash of individuality. 

Born: 1979
Condition: Good - small amount of minor marks
Modes: Av Only

The perfect camera for beginners - lightweight and compact, everything you need, and absolutely nothing you don’t. Just pick it up, point, check the metering, and shoot. You'll get great pictures with this camera every time. We've put an underrated zoom lens on this one; shooting with a zoom is something we think beginners should seriously consider for their first camera. As you'll see, it comes with a sleek silver replacement skin, and a black, genuine leather strap.

Every FILTR Style film camera comes complete with a 595 Company Handmade Leather strap, a custom fitted leatherette and 2 rolls of film. 

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