#16 - Pentax P30 + Pentax 50mm 1.7

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#16 - 80s Ease
Pentax P30 + Pentax 50mm 1.7

Great for: A great camera, easy to use, with everything you need and nothing you dont. 

Born: 1985
Condition: Excellent
Modes: Program & Manual

If 80s styling is your thing, then we reckon you'll struggle to beat this.  Cameras tended to get 'busier' and more complex during the 80s, but this one bucks the trend.  It's a wonderful example of great design, with every little thing placed exactly where you want it to be for ease of use, and with the body stripped of any unnecessary distractions.  The lens it comes with is extremely highly rated too.

Every FILTR film camera comes with everything you need to start shooting film straight away: 2 rolls of film, new light seals & a new battery. 

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