#12 - Canon Av1 + Canon FD 35mm 2.8

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#12 - Street Shooter
Canon Av1 + Canon FD 35mm 2.8

Great for: Those wanting a rare 35mm lens for "street" photography. 

Born: 1979
Condition: Very Good
Modes: Av Only 

This would probably be our pick of the aperture priority only cameras made around this time, given it's styling and gorgeous all metalic body.  Vintage Canon cameras can be expensive, but this one represents great value. It comes with a Canon 35mm lens, which is usually more expensive than the more common 50mm lenses.  35mm is especially great if you think you are likely to do a lot of "street" shooting.  

Every FILTR film camera comes with everything you need to start shooting film straight away: 2 rolls of film, new light seals & a new battery. 

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