#45 - Black Olympus OM2 + Olympus 50mm 1.8

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#42 - Collectors Favourite         
Black Olympus OM2 + Olympus 50mm 1.8

Great for: A pro-level camera in a sleek and compact body

Born: 1975
Condition: Average - general marks/scuffs.  
Modes: Av and Manual

Tell me more: You'll have to bear with us if we sound excited about this one….The successor to the legendary OM1, the OM2 improved on that fantasic (and historic) piece of design by offering virtually the same camera but with the added choice of aperture priority mode (and a few other extras too). Oh, and this one is in the far rarer black body as well. Now granted we are suckers for a black body, but we think this one looks utterly devine. Truly this is one of all our all time faves.

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