#59 - FILTR STYLE - Canon AV1 + Canon 50mm f1.8

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#59 - Goldeneye
Canon AV1 + Canon 50mm f1.8

Great for: Our favourite of all the Av only cameras.

Born: 1979
Condition: Very Good
Modes: Av Only

This would probably be our pick of all the aperture priority only cameras, given its styling and gorgeous all metallic body. Vintage Canon cameras can be expensive, but this one represents great value and comes with a Canon 50mm lens that is still rated highly to this day, and compares favourably against the modern (and very expensive) auto focus 50mm lenses Canon produce at the moment. We've skinned this one in a lux Culebra gold cover, and paired it with a stylish tan strap, handmade in the UK from genuine leather.

Every FILTR Style film camera comes complete with a 595 Company Handmade Leather strap, a custom fitted leatherette and 2 rolls of film. 

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